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*** 2018 Entry Forms now available on Registration page!

*** For last year's 2017 Ohio Star Ball Results, click ->HERE <-, and for Scoresheets by Person, click ->HERE<-

Tickets, Competitor Registration, and Hotel Reservations!

For Ticket information, please visit our Tickets page, and for Competitor Entry Forms Registration information, please visit our Registration page. The 2018 Tentative Schedule is available on the Schedule page. Please check back regularly to this web site and on our Facebook page for any updates or news.

If you're planning to attend the Ohio Star Ball on a Package, please contact your studio if you have any questions on tickets, registration, hotels, or pricing. If you're a studio or independent teacher/student and have tickets/registration/hotel/pricing questions, please contact the Ohio Star Ball Registrar using the information on the Contact Us page.

For those of you who are not on a Package and would like to reserve a hotel room, please call our Hotel Room Reservation Hotline, 614-940-8668, preferably between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm Eastern time. We will need to know your arrival/departure dates and whether you want Single or Double occupancy. To see a list of nearby hotels in the downtown Columbus area, please click ->HERE<-.

2018 Ohio Star Ball Collegiate Challenge

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